Friday, November 25, 2011

Back from Thanksgiving . . . .

I haven't posted for quite a while. Facebook got me. However, I don't really like putting my pictures over there all the time, so maybe I will blog a bit.

Greg is downloading my pictures from the camera, so I can't get to them right now. However, I will post some shots as soon as I can. We went to Columbus and had Thanksgiving with the Mowery's and Melanie and Granny and Grandpa. The food was like we used to make when we lived in Beavercreek. The best! Then . . . Emily and Melanie and I went SHOPPING on Thanksgiving evening! I can't believe we did this because I thought it was a stupid idea for stores to open on Thanksgiving. But we went to Michael's, and I got a new Christmas tree for 50% off. I also got some picture frames for the new portraits that Emily gave me of their family and the kids! Wait until you see THOSE pictures on the Christmas card! Cute.

I have now had my Oma fix of playing trains with David and coloring and playing Old Maid with Katy and chasing Luke around the house trying to keep him from climbing up on things. I might make it until Christmas . . . but it will be close.

Now that I finally remembered my password to get in here, I will try to post photos tomorrow.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Does bad stuff really come in 3's?

For a short week, this one has been brutal. Having Monday off was wonderful . . . until it started snowing about 3 p.m. The freakish weather dumped 2-3 inches of wet snow over ice in a couple of hours. Greg spent an hour and a half getting home from work. It's 8 miles. The next morning, the 6-8 inches we shovelled off the driveway was very aerobic. The whole thing was a nasty surprize after the near-60 degree weather last Friday.

Tuesday morning was still a bit of a challenge, but things warmed up and the weather settled down. In finishing up the laundry from the weekend, it seemed like the dryer was taking a long time to get things dry. Tuesday evening when we came home from a meeting at 9 p.m., the temperature in the house was 57 degrees. I checked the load of towels in the dryer and confirmed my suspicion. They were wet. The heating element on the dryer was gone. Greg checked the furnace, shut if off and turned it back on, and the heat came on! (Yes!!) He started pulling the dryer out of the alcove in the kitchen while I draped wet towels over everything that didn't move.

With the dryer in the middle of the family room and towels hanging everywhere, I got the vacuum and tried to clean up where the dryer was sitting. Of course the sweeper wasn't picking up anything. The bag was overflowing---and of course we don't have a replacement. (I give up!) Greg found that part he needed on the website at Sears in Butler and printed the information to call in the morning. Off we went to bed at 11 p.m.,with the temperature at 65 in the house and the furnace still running.

I woke up at about 2 a.m. feeling cold. I came downstairs to find the house at 62 again but the furnace running. Add more covers and go back to bed . . . listening to the furnace run for another hour.

I was up at 5 to go to the YMCA to swim, the house was cool and the furnace was off. I flipped the switch on the thermostat and the heat started up again. (Something is definitely going on here!) I had dental surgery scheduled for 3:30 Wednesday afternoon. I envisioned myself returning that evening with an ice pack and pain meds and sitting in a cold house while Greg tore the furnace apart in the basement.

Greg left for work. After getting ready to leave, I called the phone number on the side of the furnace on my way out the door and scheduled service for 1:30 (before my surgery). I called Greg on my way to work to tell him what I'd done. He's not thrilled because he could undoubtedly fix the furnace. But he couldn't leave work Wednesday, and under the circumstances, he said, "What's done is done. OK."

I meet the furnace repairman (who happened to have originally installed the unit back in 1993). He cleaned and checked everything and got us up back up and running. I worked from home until my dental appointment and got my tissue graft without incident.

Greg retrieved the dryer part from Butler after work and got home about 6:45. He installed the part and put the dryer back together. He put it back in the alcove while I heated up soup. I couldn't eat solids because of my surgery, so Greg had leftover pizza with his soup.

I was so exhausted last night that I went to bed at 9 and crashed. Things seemed pretty calm today, but someone at work said we are supposed to get freezing rain tonight. That would truly be the crowning touch for this week. How on earth am I supposed to get the sweeper bags? Will this week never end? Just SHOOT ME NOW!!!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas 2010 in Pictures

I know that I have been a slacker in posting here. What can I say? Facebook and e-mail are all I can keep up with. Anyway, here are some of my pictures from Christmas.

Opa in his new "big apple" cap.

Katy took this picture of Opa and me! Not bad!

Luke was in a festive mood. How can you resist kissing those cheeks?

Katy in her favorite Christmas dress . . . ready for Christmas Eve church.

Granny, Melanie, and me on Sunday.

Emily and Abby in the kitchen after our Sunday brunch.

David, who is big on transportation and things with wheels; cars, trains, trucks and buses.

Great-Grandpa (Dad), who can still eat us ALL under the table. :-)

Brian getting David ready for Christmas Eve!

Aunt Mel!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

New Couch!!! WOW!

I have been looking for a couch for the family room off and on for about 2 years. Two years ago was when I decided to get the faded, blue sectional we had re-upholstered and about choked when they quoted $2,200 to rework it and put medium-grade fabric on it. OUCH! Guess it would be cheaper to just replace it.

A couple of weeks ago, Macy's had a furniture sale, and Greg and I stopped there after a trip to Half Price Books near the Ross Park Mall. I found a lovely green sofa that blends perfectly with the love seat we had in the basement. So I went back the following Tuesday and ordered it.

Today was delivery day. Let me share the excitement of the "new" room. We moved the leather recliner from the living room into the family room also. (Don't worry, Melanie. The rocking chair that has been around since 1974 found a home in front of the TV in the basement. It actually has become one of Greg's favorite reading chairs.)

I like the new look. It's light and cheerful.
There are lots of comfy places to site and relax.
Anybody know someone looking for a serviceable but sun-faded L-shaped sectional couch? I know where you might pick one up really cheap. :-) Craig's List . . . .

Monday, August 09, 2010




Tuesday, July 13, 2010

WHEW! Forget the new editor! I had a terrible time getting this posted!
Greg's New Lawn Mowing Hat from Thailand!

Granny with Baby Luke

Grandpa Playing Doctor with David!

Granny coloring pictures with Katy!

Granny, David, Luke, Grandpa, and Katy

When I got back to Pittsburgh, our good friends, Bill and Susie, came for dinner. They are back for a visit from their first year living in Chang Rai, Thailand! It was good to spend time with them.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Baby  Luke!

Here are a few snapshots from Baby Luke's first few days.   He is quite the cutie and is lucky to have such an adoring big sister and big brother.  He is starting to sleep some 4-hour stretches, but people are holding him much of the day since there are many loving arms around.

Baby Luke and Aunt Mel (sort of)

David and Katy

Katy and  Luke

Aunt Mel and David

Oma from Katy's Perspective (yeesh)
[Bob the Tomato t-shirt]